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6 Best Sites For Logo Design Inspiration

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Sometimes when you get a logo design project, you’re able to jump right in. You sketch ideas faster than they can come into your head, one after another. Other times, the ideas come much slower. You sit there struggling to come up with a single idea. Your pencil might as well be a twig. You could simply take a break and hope ideas spring out when you return. Alternatively, you might try to find something to jump start your creativity online. The best places I’ve found for logo design inspiration are Dribble, Behance, Instagram, Designspiration, Brand New, and Pinterest. Here’s a bit more about what each site/app has to offer.


Dribble Logo Design Inspiration

Dribble is one of the biggest places to go for design inspiration of any type. Talented graphic designers all around the world post their work on Dribble regularly. The inspiration is endless. You can simply search for ‘logo design’ at the top. This will return a limited number of designs. To see more, login or make an account. You can then proceed to spend your entire day mesmerized by an infinite supply of talent. These are some of the logo designs I found on my first look.


Behance Logo Design Inspiration

Behance is similar to Dribble in a lot of ways. The work, however, seems more varied. On Dribble you get a lot of the same type of ‘trendy’ design work. On Behance, you get a bit of everything. When you search ‘logo design’, you’ll get results of projects, people, and moodboards. Just like Dribble, you’ll likely spend the next few hours in awe of the skills on display. Here are some awesome logo designs I found on Behance.


Instagram Logo Design Inspiration

Since it’s a social media app that is based on visuals, it makes sense that Instagram would be a great resource for design inspiration. It’s actually one of the first places I go to now for design inspiration. You’ll need an Instagram account if you don’t already have one. Once you do, you can just spend some time looking at design work. You can save screenshots or save posts to your collection to refer back to later. I have a dedicated design Instagram account that I use to post my work. Mostly, I use it for inspiration. Here are some amazing logos from talented designers I follow on Instagram.


Designspiration Logo Design Inspiration

As the name suggests, this is a great place for general design inspiration. The search results are quite varied though. Searching ‘logo design’ brings up results for both highly recognizable logos, as well as ones you’ve never seen before. If you’re looking for inspiration in a specific colour theme, you’re in luck. Designspiration lets your search up to five colours with or without a search term.

Brand New

Brand New Logo Design Inspiration

Brand New is a great site if you love looking at logo re-designs. The site displays everything as a before and after, then the results are discussed. It’s a fun place to look at re-designs for some of the biggest companies in the world. It’s also a great place to go and vent if you really hate a company’s re-design. Honestly, there isn’t a lot of positivity in the comments. Maybe just look at the logos and avoid the comments. You’ve been warned.


It’s not just for wedding decor ideas. Pinterest is an amazing resource for finding all types of graphic design inspiration. The search function is really helpful to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. Sure, there are a lot of ads. Fortunately, the quality design content more than makes up for it. It’s easy to create sets of logo design inspiration by just saving a design to one of your boards. I like to hit up Pinterest every so often just to see what’s new. I add things into different boards in case I need inspiration at a later date. The best part is that I can do all that from my phone.

Logo Design Inspiration – In Summary

There are lots of places online to go for logo design inspiration. I didn’t include them all in this list because these six seemed to be the best. When I’m looking for logo design inspiration, I want a lot to choose from. I want to be able to search for specifics and then be presented with an endless supply of design ideas. The six above seem to have that. If there are other sites you think should be added to this list, let me know in the comments below. As long as they provide amazing logo design inspiration, they quality.

What are your favorite places to go for logo design inspiration? Do you have a favorite from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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