Welcome to Lessons In Design.

Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m a graphic designer based in British Columbia, Canada. I’ve been designing for about twenty years and love to learn and experiment with design in creative ways and share what I know with other designers and anyone interested in becoming a graphic designer.

Over the last year I’ve also become really interested in user experience and user interface design; partially because it’s so important to know when creating effective designs, and partially because better user experiences are so desperately needed in both physical and digital products

My Design Experience

Over the years I’ve worked in small and large cities, in agencies and in-house settings, and at both start-ups and well established companies.

At all these places I’ve worked I have had the opportunity to work on many different types of projects with many different types of creatives and clients.

In my career as a designer I’ve worked on brand and campaign developments, social media initiatives, lifestyle publication organization, editing and design, advertising, website design, video editing, print production, and branding.

My hopes are to take all this industry experience and share what I know on this blog.

YouTube Designing

I also currently run a graphic design YouTube channel where I create speed art, tutorials, and design industry content. My YouTube channel is a really fun project for me to experiment with different design techniques and software. It also lets me share my knowledge with other designers, which I really enjoy.