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The 5 Worst Ways To Choose Brand Colours

There are plenty of ways to choose brand colours that are good and appropriate when designing or redesigning a corporate identity. You do research, look at the competition, develop a brand strategy and personality, then make a highly informed decision on the specific colours that you want to use to represent the brand on all…
Graphic design dream job
What Is Your Graphic Design Dream Job?
In my career as a designer, I haven't thought nearly enough about what my graphic design dream job would be or what, specifically, it would look like. If I could design my own job from scratch, what would I want it to look like? For any designer, what should a graphic design dream job look like?…
Design Manager
5 Ways To Be A Great Design Manager
Being a design manger isn't that different from being a manager in another type of industry; where you need to be able to lead, inspire, organize, and advocate. However, in the design industry, you're working with creatives. This means you need to be very familiar with the creative process and how to get the best…