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My 10 Favorite Fonts | Beautiful Fonts For Designers

Some Beautiful Fonts

There are a bunch of fonts I like to use for any projects where they might fit. If you’ve watched my YouTube channel, you’ve probably seen me use most of them. These are the fonts I love to use simply because they’re beautiful and they work well in so many places. Six of them are even free. They are my 10 favorite fonts: Brandon Grotesque, Montserrat, Rockwell, Pacifico, Avenier, Cosmonaut, Bauhaus, League Gothic, Quicksand, and Static. Here’s a bit about each of my favorite fonts and why they are so great.

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque Font

Maybe you’ve noticed, but I use this font all the time. My poster designs, my logo; I probably use it too often but I just love it so much. It’s a very clean, sans-serif font that utilizes simple forms in an way that’s both professional and unique. I have yet to find any work of design that this font does not work well with. You can get Brandon Grotesque here.

Font Description Geometric sans-serif
Cost of Font Family $309.00 CAD
Number of Styles 12


Montserrat Font

This is another font I really love, though I don’t use it as much as I would like. I recently did a typographic poster series for Montserrat on my YouTube channel. It’s a very versatile font that comes with a ton of font weights and styles. It also looks great on websites. Montserrat is a free font you can download here.

Font Description Geometric sans-serif
Cost of Font Family Free
Number of Styles


Rockwell Font

Rockwell is a fun typeface to use because it has a very old school feel to it. It also has a certain style that comes off as highly professional. It’s a slab-serif font where all lines in the typeface are the same width. I’ve done a typographic poster design series for this font as well. Check it out on YouTube. You can get the font here.

Font Description Geometric, slab-serif, monotype
Cost of Font Family $198 CAD
Number of Styles 9


Pacifico Font

I had to add a pretty script font here as it’s a legal requirement for all designers to have a favorite script font right? Pacifico is a playful font with legible characters and a consistent font weight all the way through. It has a hand-drawn quality to it that lets it work well in a variety of places. Pacifico would work beautifully for a logo. Want this font? You can get it for free here.

Font Description Brushed script, handwritten
Cost of Font Family Free
Number of Styles 1


Avenier Font

Isn’t it lovely? Designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988, Avenier is similar to Futura in many ways, but is less geometric. Did you know Avenier means ‘future’ in French? It’s true. Avenier has been a favorite of mine for as long as I’ve been a designer. It used to be my go-to font when I needed something sans-serif. It’s similar to Brandon Grotesque in a lot of ways, but with sharper edges. You can get Avenier here.

Font Description Geometric sans-serif
Cost of Font Family $398 CAD
Number of Styles 12


Cosmonaut Font

As far as decorative typefaces go, this one is pretty fun. While not very functional in terms of readability, each letter form is like a work of sci-fi art. This is a great font for simply playing around with the forms and not expecting much legibility. Most of the individual letters themselves are identifiable, although some are a bit trickier to make out. The uniform line weights and sharp angles make this font unique and very fun to experiment with. The best thing about Cosmonaut is that it’s free. Get it here.

Font Description Futuristic, decorative
Cost of Font Family Free
Number of Styles 1


Bauhaus Font

I really love each and every Bauhaus letterform, especially the upper-case ones. It’s an extremely well designed font that evokes a retro feel while working well in modern design projects. If you love Bauhaus, you can get it here.

Font Description Decorative, geometric sans-serif
Cost of Font Family $263 CAD (Pro Version), $198 CAD (Standard Version)
Number of Styles 10 (5 Pro + 5 Standard)

League Gothic

League Gothic Font

This one is a recent favourite of mine. I love how perfectly parallel the sides of each character are. Each word looks beautiful when the kerning is set just right. This is a great font for logo creations. League Gothic is a beautifully condensed, professional font. Even better, it’s free.

Font Description Industrial, sans-serif
Cost of Font Family Free
Number of Styles 4


Quicksand Font

Quicksand is such an adorable, perfectly polished typeface. The uppercase Q is gorgeous. Actually, all the characters are gorgeous. I think I’ll make a type poster with this one. You can download this beauty for free here.

Font Description Contemporary sans-serif, rounded
Cost of Font Family Free
Number of Styles 7


Static Font

I love the simplicity of this font. It’s similar to Quicksand in some ways, but more condensed. I used it in my Broadband TV rebrand concept. This font is available for free here.

Font Description Contemporary, geometric, rounded, sans-serif
Cost of Font Family Free
Number of Styles 4

My Favorite Fonts: In Conclusion

I hope this list of awesome (at least I think so) fonts helps you find inspiration for your next design projrct. For new designers who might not be super familiar with a variety of fonts, this is probably s good place to start.

Do you like my list? What are some of your favorite fonts? Let me know in the comments below.

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