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Lets take a look at something a bit different for a change; the Sims 4 Graphic designer career. If you’re not a big Sims 4 fan like me, you might not know you can be a graphic designer in the game. Well, technically you can be a digital freelancer, but it’s as close to being a graphic designer in The Sims as you can be. In The Sims 4, your Sims have the ability to be a graphic designer by entering Freelance career and becoming a digital artist. Once they’ve done this, they can go on their computer and search for gigs.

Each gig is from a different client and pays a different amount of money. You might find a gig asking you to design a Web 3.0 Logo (Whatever that means). In that case, you first chat with the client, then design the logo, then send it for approval. Most of the time, you’ll get approval right away along with your payment. Occasionally, the client will ask for edits. I’ve had projects continually go back and forth with the client never happy. In that way, it’s very much like being a designer in real life.

Sims 4 Freelance Artist

Sims 4 Freelance Artist

Sims 4 Freelance Artist

Sims 4 Designer Skills

In the Sims, there is no design skill. The game merely lumps painting in with your ability to design. Thus, if you’re an amazing painter, you’ll be a successful designer. I mean, sure, the game isn’t going to have separate software skill sets, but maybe a design skill would be nice.

Although, I like to think that in real life, as a graphic designer, my skill set doesn’t end at design. I’ve painted and done character concepts IRL. There weren’t any good, but I did them. Playing as a designer in Sims 4 makes me want to level up my illustration skills in real life… just so I can compete with my Sim.

In The Sims, the more jobs you do (that you do well), the better gigs you get. I suppose that’s somewhat realistic. The most interesting part is that as a freelance digital artist, your actually working with an agency. You sign up initially with the agency Electrified Artists and you choose your gig from their list of clients. This might be the best thing about being an freelance digital artist in The Sims, although it’s pretty unrealistic. Unless there’s a talent agency for designers I don’t know about in real life. (Upwork doesn’t count).

It also seems that in the game your Sim can do a project before even looking at the brief. I tried this, and my work was approved. That won’t cut it in the real world.

Sims 4 Freelance Artist Sunbathing

Cost of Living in The Sims

In the game, my Sim will do a few jobs every couple of days to support her lavish, tiny-home, beach living self. The gigs don’t take too long so she’s able to spend a good chunk of her time painting and sunbathing on her patio. I’ll even switch up her freelance career every so often and make her a freelance writer. In that way I like to think that she’s more like me; passionate about both design and writing.

I do wonder if her schedule mirrors a real freelance designers work schedule in any way. I’ve never been a full-time freelancer, I’ve only taken some freelance side jobs while working as a full-time designer.

Can you do a single job that pays enough for you to live on it alone for that month? I suppose that depends on where you’re living and working. My Sims’s beach house only cost $40,000; furnishings and all. Thus, when she makes $3,000 on a single job, it’s a good chunk of coin. In the real world, our mortgage payments are probably much too high to coast on a single job for a month.

Sims 4 Graphic Designer Career – In Summary

Being a graphic designer in The Sims is actually a really lucrative career option. As long as you level up your painting skills quickly, you can be making a ton of money very quickly. All you need to design is a computer and digital sketch pad. You also need a bit of patience while your Sim designs. Although, to be honest, the best career option in The Sims is to be a permanent beach dweller that uses the infinite money cheats. Your Sim will never need to work a day in their life.

Have you played The Sims 4 Graphic Designer career? AKA, a freelance digital artist? If you have, is there anything you would add to the Sims 4 Graphic designer career options?

Let me know in the comments below!

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PS4, and XBox. You can get it on the PC in the Origin store.

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