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6 Best Questions to Ask in a Design Interview

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What Is Your Graphic Design Dream Job?

Published:February 9, 2022Updated:March 1, 20220Views0Likes0CommentsShare PostTwitterFacebookEmailLinkEdit11 minRead timeThe Design Industry Experiences in Design

5 Ways To Be A Great Design Manager

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When you don't want to do graphic design anymore

The Design Industry Design Careers

When You Don’t Want To Do Graphic Design Anymore

Being a graphic design can be really hard. It’s stressful, you have to work with demanding clients, meet insane deadlines, and you need to constantly be creative even when you’re creatively drained. So what happens when you don’t want to do graphic design anymore? What career options do you have if you want to take…Published:January 30, 20222Views0Likes0CommentsShare PostEdit16 minRead timeRead moreIllustration Workshop

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Illustration Workshop Book Review – Be A Better Illustrator

Illustration Workshop by Mary Kate McDevitt is a book I’ve been looking at for awhile. I finally got my hands on it. My hand drawing illustration skills have been stuck at the grade school level for most of my life, and I’ve been meaning to improve them. I’m hoping this book will help with that.
I…Published:December 28, 202119Views0Likes0CommentsShare PostEdit10 minRead timeRead more

The Design Industry Experiences in Design

Do You Need A Graphic Design Mentor? Is It A Key To Success?

Published:October 15, 20210Views0Likes0CommentsShare PostTwitterFacebookEmailLinkEdit11 minRead timeLogo Analysis Branding

The New Panago Pizza Logo – Great or Too Generic?

Published:October 5, 20210Views0Likes1CommentShare PostTwitterFacebookEmailLinkEdit7 minRead timeBranding Logo Design

Visuals Needed When Branding A New Business – 5 Vital Things

Published:August 14, 20210Views0Likes1CommentShare PostTwitterFacebookEmailLinkEdit12 minRead time